Monday, April 30, 2012


Allow me to further explain the malice behind the publication in the Philippine Daily Inquirer of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales’ order to Chief Justice Renato Corona to explain graft complaints against him before her office.

I write this as a former senior editor of the Journal Group of Publications.

Morales’ letter to Corona was dated April 20.  

If there was NO HIDDEN AGENDA behind the letter, it should have been released by the Office of the Ombudsman to media on the same day.

Not just to the Philippine Daily Inquirer but to ALL THE REPORTERS from all the newspapers and TV and radio stations covering it. Any media firm could have come out with the story because it’s an official communication. All they had to do was get the side of Corona.

But quite clearly, the Office of the Ombudsman did not immediately release the story.

If it did, even if too late for the deadlines of print and broadcast media, reporters assigned at the Ombudsman would have filed their stories the very next day, April 21.

Only an insane reporter would not have done so with a story like that. More importantly, he or she will be SCOOPED by other reporters who will write the story.

For those not familiar with media work, being scooped is a MORTAL SIN in the eyes of editors. The reporter had better have an airtight justification why he or she did not file the story to appease the editors.

Therefore, the story would have hit the front pages of the newspapers and the airwaves by April 22. Only an IDIOT of an editor or a publisher would not come out with it immediately.

Both print and broadcast media are for FRESH NEWS. That’s what the people want.

If any story, especially front-page stuff like Morales’ letter/order to Corona is kept under wraps for several days before it is published or aired, there is a VERY SPECIAL REASON BEHIND IT.

Whatever it is, your guess is as good as mine!

No editor or publisher would admit to STUPIDITY OR INSANITY. Or even childish behavior by saying “Wala lang, trip ko lang na hindi agad ilabas.”

As far as I know, Morales’ letter/order to Corona was an exclusive by the Inquirer. Anybody correct me if I’m wrong. But if I’m not, Morales or her staff had better have a damned justifiable explanation for it.

Because if not, it will be VERY DIFFCULT TO BELIEVE that the Inquirer IS NOT A YELLOW PAPER, or is in collaboration with the anti-Corona camp.

Another thing that Morales or her staff must justify is why did it take three days, from April 20 to 23, before her letter reached Corona. The Chief Justice was only in Baguio City that time for the summer sessions of the Supreme Court.

IT DOESN’T TAKE THREE DAYS to reach Baguio from Manila, where the Office of the Ombudsman is located.

From our friends:


Who has all the motives in the world to demolish Corona with whatever it takes but the obsessive Abnoy!! Abnoy hates Corona more than anything in the world. Then, he tells his dumb followers his fighting corruption daw. As long as we remain stupid, there will be many more abnoys to ruin this already ruined society.

Was there any doubt? At this point, wala nang magtataka. Ano man ang gawin ng ulol, wala na ang Hacienda. Pero motto ni Aquino, lintik lang ang walang ganti!

SALVADOR OLEO of Iligan City
Mapanot  ka sa sana sa kakaganti na wala namang malilintikan. One piece of advice, pagandahin na lang niya lovelife niya. Baka sakali, maging successful siya.

ED PUNZAL of Tagig
Let him testify in the impeachment court about his multi million properties, multi-million bank deposits, and multi-million dollar accounts.

AURORA RUSSEL of Angeles City, Pampanga
This only shows how desperate they are. What next?  So what if Corona has $10 million, can they prove the money is ill gotten? This good for nothing mouthpiece of the good for nothing president should hush up. What a freakin idiot. It won't take a rocket scientist to know that Penoy is doing this because of the Supreme Court's ruling against him and his clan.

SENG BARIN DE JESUS of San Fernando, Pampanga
Bakit ang kulit-kulit ng mga Noytards?

told you, guys. It ain’t over despite the SC ruling.... their strategy is to create doubt in the minds of all so that the senator-judges in their pockets will not have a problem giving the guilty vote. Easiest thing to do is via the dollar account since the Senate can’t touch it unless the owner specifically says so. Other than that, Corona takes the witness stand and you know what will happen then.

What do you expect from a kiss-ass like this Lacierda? What are dogs supposed to do for their masters? 'We' also know that he is as dishonest as they come intellectually. That is why he is the megaphone of the most luxurious mental institution called Malascana(ng). 30

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