Saturday, January 7, 2012


If he has any decency left, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV should IMMEDIATELY WTIHDRAW as a judge in the forthcoming impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

His declaration that political acceptability, and not evidence, would be his sole criterion for his final decision is nothing less than an admission of INCOMPETENCE, BIAS and the START OF HIS CAMPAIGN for the 2013 elections.

How TRAGIC that for a senator who’s supposed to be a person of knowledge and wisdom, Trillanes seems IGNORANT of, or is DELIBERATELY IGNORING, the cardinal rule that  a judge must be TOTALLY IMPARTIAL in rendering a verdict.

Not just a court judge but ANY JUDGE for that matter.

And that a judge should decide based ONLY on evidence or what had been presented before him or her.

So even if Corona successfully belies every article of impeachment against him with solid evidence, Trillanes wouldn’t care less.

For Trillanes, t’s the people who will have to decide. Whatever the people want, whatever is acceptable to them, that will be his decision.

Then, why the hell did he agree to be a judge in the first place? If that’s his line of thinking, if he can’t be totally fair, he has NO PLACE in the impeachment court.

How can Corona, and the people,  expect a 100-percent fair trial now?

Trillanes has just cast doubt on the impartiality of the rest of the senators, especially those who will run for reelection in 2013, as judges of the impeachment court. 

I sure hope the rest of the senators realize this.

If Corona’s impeachment trial will be delayed because he will raise questions of fairness and move for the relief or, or sanctions against, Trillanes, don’t blame him.

Blame Trillanes and the Pontius Pilate blood running in his veins. 30


Don’t take the discovery of a shabu factory in Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City as just another drug bust.

The Ayala Alabang shabu factory is a clear and present danger, a solid proof that NO ONE, not even the super rich, is safe anymore from illegal drugs.

If illegal drug syndicates can penetrate Ayala Alabang, they can set up a shabu factory anywhere. As in even in your own neighborhood

And if there’s an illegal drug factory, or even a drug trade in your community, addicts will increase.

Peace and order will deteriorate because of the crimes addicts will commit, either raise money to buy illegal drugs or to satisfy the demonic urge they will feel after using the stuff.

I wrote a booklet on illegal drugs eight years ago. It has passed a review by the Dangerous Drugs Board and the Department of Health. Let me share with some excerpts on signs of an illegal drug trade in your neighborhood:

Short visits by different people, usually late at night, to a particular person. The visitor talks to the resident outside and doesn’t come in.

After talking, the resident goes in, and comes out within minutes and hands over something to the visitor, who immediately leaves.

Unusual number of guards at a home or building for no known or visible reason – the resident is not a politician or top government official or known big-time businessman and the structure is not an office or place of business.

A home or building with no permanent residents or occupants. People come in only to get something and then leave in a hurry. They never socialize or tell anything about themselves to anybody.

Increase in the number of thefts of handy and easy to sell items like mobile phones.

Increase in the volume of items usually used by drug addicts -- like aluminum foil, burners and syringes – in the surroundings or garbage dumps.

Odd-smelling smoke or odor from a house or building, and yet neighbors never see anything cooking or residents never reveal where’s the smell coming from.

Delivery of laboratory equipment and chemicals to a house or building even if the residents or occupants are not doctors or chemists, and the place had not been declared as a clinic or laboratory or office.

Wilting (pagkalanta) of plants and leaves in the yard or surroundings of a house or building even if it's not summer.

If you see or notice any of these signs, notify your barangay officials or law enforcement agencies right away!


Si Pnoy, malambot. Iyung mga nakapaligid ang mga astig, pero sa pagkakataong ito, siguradong malambot sila. Takot silang magalit ang China. Ang sarap ng buhay nila, tapos guguluhin ng giyera? No way, Jose! Pustahan, idedeport lang ang mga iyan ni De Lima!

Wala iyang gagawin. He's an idiot, like a puppet

The next line you will hear is that the Chinese escaped from detention.

MARIA DOLORES SANTOS of London, United Kingdom
Huwag nating ipamukha sa buong mundo na ang mga Pinoy ay talagang mukhang pera lalo na sa bansang Tsina. Dahil pag nakatakas o 'patakasin' pa ang mga ito, tuwirang ganiyan ang magiging pananaw ng buong mundo. Ito'y isang hamon sa integridad ng ating pangulo.

CRISTY PERERA of Manama, Bahrain
Whatever we suggest, I think it's nonsense po! Wala po talagang maaasahan sa government natin!

Pakita naman natin ang pangil ng batas. Mamaya niyan, makakatakas ulit Pera-pera lang labanan.

Si Pnoy, tough? Hindi nga sya makaporma sa MILF at NPA, considering meron siyang AFP.

How can he be tough? He can’t stand by himself fighting for his self-interest. He’s a user, and a fraud.

At habang nakakulong dito, nalitis man o kasalukuyang nakakulong, patatakasin dahil sa malaking suhol, at mawawalang parang bula.

With all due respect to our people and country, Pnoy must abide by our laws.

Grabe iyan! Kailan pa masosolusyunan ang mga problema ng bansa natin?

Friday, January 6, 2012


The arrest  of five Chinese nationals in a shabu factory in Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City, a subdivision for the super rich, will be a very good test of how tough Pnoy really is.

Four of our countrymen were executed by China within a year for trying to smuggle less than 10 KILOS of illegal drugs into their country. Take note, less than 10 kilos.

What was seized in the Ayala Alabang factory were processed shabu and chemicals, ingredients and laboratory equipment good for 10 KILOS of shabu per production cycle.

Our four countrymen were tried and convicted in China even if they’re foreigners.

So the five arrested Chinese should also be jailed and tried here. Under no conditions should they be sent back to China to face charges there.

I am raising this point because if you’ll recall, people, Justice Sec. Leila de Lima and the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) turned over suspected Taiwanese criminals to Chinese officials almost immediately after getting a request to do so.

We have NO GUARANTEE that it won’t happen again this time.

If Pnoy really has the balls to uphold our laws against China, he should IMMEDIATELY issue a directive to all concerned officials and agencies that under no conditions will the five Chinese be turned over to their homeland until their tried in our courts.

He will reject any and all requests for a turnover.

And if the five Chinese are convicted, Pnoy must assure us this early that they will be jailed and will serve the COMPLETE SENTENCE to be meted out on them (life imprisonment, if I’m right).

In fairness to the families of our countrymen who were sentenced to death, and executed in China.

If Pnoy would be SILENT, or would not comment, watch out people! Believe me, something’s wrong. You don’t comment or keep quiet  on a criminal enterprise as deadly as a SHABU FACTORY FOR NOTHING.

If De Lima or any other government agency or official; suddenly turns over the five Chinese to their compatriots, for whatever reason, then Pnoy and his minions have just sold our national dignity and sovereignty.

It will mean that we have COWARDS and TRAITORS as leaders!

From our readers:


MARIA DOLORES SANTOS of London, United Kingdom
 Pang-lima sa prioridad ni Pnoy.ang pagsugpo sa jueteng pero bakit parang di siya natitigatig! Dahil kaya sa jueteng, ang lahat ay nakikinabang mula puno hanggang sanga? Ang pangakong 'matuwid na daan' ay tila bako-bako na.

The PNP chief’s battlecry, "susugpuin ko ang jueteng" is ningas-cogon, media hype. Puro ingay. Another source of trapos’ (traditional politicians’)  campaign money. Sa dinami-dami ng imbestigasyon kung saan tukoy naman kung saan tukoy naman ang mga jueteng lords at kung ano pakinabang ng mga pulitiko at  miyembro ng PNP, dedma. Happy days pa rin ang mga damuho.

AL SERRANO of Manila
This is not news’s REALITY. Money buys everything.

LAURA PRADO of Davao City
I agree with you, Al.


"Instead of augmenting, cuts have been made in the budgets for pro-poor services like public health care and education."  Obviously, the government  wants its people to stay poor, unhealthy, and ignorant. Para madaling utuin pag election na. Nasabi nga ni (former Sen. Richard) Gordon before, poverty is an absence of choice.  Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas.

He misplaced it… he he he!

SSiyempre, gagamitin nila sa 2013 elections para smooth sailing na administrasyon nila. Kasi ngayon, ang daming hadlang. 

Saan nga ba napunta ‘pork barrel’ ni Pnoy? Bakit audit-free? Iyan ba transparency?

FUNDADOR BINAHON of Malaybalay, Bukidnon
Gone, gone, gone!

Ang savings, ipamimigay sa mga congresista na pumirma sa articles of impeachment laban kay Corona.

Underspending na, mangungutang pa? Ang masaklap, walang proyekto ang Gobyerno ni Pnoy.

CEBUANO AKO of Cebu City
Correct! 30

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Another grave danger that we are overlooking is the underspending of the Aquino Government.

Other than their own words, WE HAVE NO ASSURANCE that PLUNDER of public funds is not being carried out in this Administration.

Think about this, among others, boys and girls:

It has been established that nothing has been spent for infrastructure projects. Not even one major road or thoroughfare, bridge, airport, pier or other similar structure has been built by Noynoy’s Administration in its 18 months in power.

No major livelihood or job-generating project or program which can benefit even a few thousands of the poor has been launched or carried out.

Instead of augmenting, cuts have been made in the budgets for pro-poor services like public health care and education.

But generation of government revenues continue non-stop.

Tax collection has not been stopped by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. So has the Bureau of Customs with the duties and fees paid by importers and traders in all ports nationwide.

Pagcor and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) still rake in money for the government. Contributions to the Social Security System (SSS) and the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) have not been stopped and are still in the billions monthly.

Investments these two agencies make in various big businesses pour in millions more to their coffers. Add to these the earnings by the Manila International Airport Authority, Philippine Ports Authority and government-owned or controlled corporations.

So the million-peso question is WHERE’S THE MONEY? Remember, folks:

We have no idea where is the money, the bulk of which I’ll dare say is our hard-earned taxes, kept. We don’t know which banks hold the funds, how much is in what bank and who’s  authorized to withdraw. We don’t know what’s the assurance that the right amount is being deposited.


We don’t know HOW MUCH EXACTLY is the government earning, or has earned in its 18 months in power.

We don’t know how much has been spent, or is being spent, where and by whom.
Only a handful of people in government know the true whereabouts of public funds and what’really is left of it.

But NO DETAILED or ITEMIZED breakdown of government funds has been disclosed to the public since the Aquino Administration took over. Anybody correct me if  I’m wrong.

How can we be sure now hat we’re NOT BEING ROBBED of our monies by the government? Keep in mind, people: If public funds are stolen, it’s us ordinary mortals who will suffer the most!

We will be deprived of basic services, as we replace the stolen monies with our taxes!

I heard the word TRANSPARENCY a lot of times when Noynoy was running for president. But if this is Noynoy’s definition of transparency, somebody better gift him with a dictionary or a thesaurus, FAST!

From our readers:


I agree with your presentation, but let me add that the population of the Philippines now is 94.6 million. Therefore, it is ridiculous to say that the survey results from 1,200 respondents can represent the sentiments of 94.6 million Filipinos. It is the height of folly and stupidity to believe the surveys but P-Noy and his fanatics believe and swallow hook, line and sinker the results.

Surveys are political tools.


MARIA DOLORES SANTOS of London, United Kingdom
Pang-lima sa prioridad ni Pnoy.ang pagsugpo sa jueteng pero bakit parang di siya natitigatig! Dahil kaya sa jueteng, lahat ay nakikinabang mula puno hanggang sanga? Ang pangakong 'matuwid na daan' ay tila bako-bako na.

Since our mayor in Baguio was called a jueteng lord, we feel we are being ignored up to now. until now. Maybe because all leaders are jueteng lords.

Jueteng has been untouchable since time immemorial. At least, it is a lesser evil than drugs.

Indeed, it exists! Vulgar protection of jueteng, I’ve heard of that. Terrible na.


Wala ng magagawa si Pnoy sa kaso. Pag di niya inilabas ang pondo ng Senate, maiipit lahat ang projects katulad ng ginawa niya sa 2010. Ibabalik sa treasury ang pera at iimbistigahan siya ng IMF. DIKTA NG DIKTA, gusto ko ito, gusto ko yan. Pulos palpak naman. Madaming hangin sa utak. 30

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The continued ABSOLUTE SILENCE of the Aquino Government on the numbers game jueteng is another VERY DANGEROUS sign we should all be on the alert to.

Up to now, jueteng is ILLEGAL or UNLAWFUL.

But in the 18 months it has been in power, NOT ONCE has Noynoy ordered an all-out offensive versus jueteng.

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but he has NEVER said anything specific on how he intends to stop, or even minimize, jueteng.

The only time he spoke about jueteng was when he said early into his presidency that measures are being drawn up to fight jueteng. After that, complete silence followed.

For those who are not familiar, jueteng is not just another poor man’s game with only a few cents and pesos for the jackpot.

Jueteng has been repeatedly acknowledged in the past as a MULTI-BILLION PESO racket. Ask retired Bishop Oscar Cruz. It is played practically in the whole of Luzon.

But Noynoy has not shown any proof that his government is fighting jueteng. In other words, jueteng has been UNTOUCHABLE since Noynoy became president.

Nonoy was very vocal against fraud and unlawful acts when he was campaigning for the presidency.

But when he won, he categorically declared that jueteng was not a PRIORITY of his Administration. As if jueteng is part of his TUWID NA DAAN.

Now, you don’t tolerate something unlawful FOR FREE.

Whoever is allowing jueteng to continue UNTOUCHED is surely getting TONS of cash and ANYTHING HE WANTS in bribes from jueteng operators.

With this extra, dirty money, jueteng protectors CAN BUY all the guns and goons they need or bribe anybody they have to in our out of government for their evil interests.

Whether or not their politicians or law enforcers.

For jueteng lords themselves, they can do anything they want apart from operating the illegal numbers game. They can kill, harm or go on a criminal rampage anytime.

Their protectors won’t mind.

Criminal acts like jueteng remain untouched because we’re blinded by all kinds of self-serving press releases by this Government.

Unless we start asking questions, boys and girls, this IMMORAL PROTECTION and HYPOCRISY of a purported moral governance will never stop.  Believe me! 30

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The supposed continued popularity of Noynoy Aquino is HIGHLY DOUBTFUL. Even if the country’s leading survey firms, the Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia say so.

Consider these, among others, people:

1.    For the past several months, NOT EVEN ONE big and NEUTRAL group from any sector has declared continued support for Noynoy despite his Administration’s blunders. The only exception I know of is the Black and White Movement, of which Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda is one of the top officials.
2.  The youth sector has been protesting and openly expressing disappointment over the budget cuts for education.
3.    Judges have openly protested cuts in the Judiciary budget and the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona.
4.       The business sector has been repeatedly complaining about sky-high electricity rates. Several weeks ago, I came across a news item saying that the biggest organization of exporters in the country has warned that a lot of its members will close shop if the cost of electricity won’t go down.
5. The public as a whole has been tirelessly denouncing uncontrollable increases in the prices of food and basic commodities.
6.       Some of the top officials of Pulse Asia are relatives of Noynoy.
7.   Surveys on Noynoy’s supposed popularity come out, curiously, right after a major blunder by his Administration and public outrage.
8.     Never has Pulse Asia or SWS come out with a detailed explanation on how can the supposed 1,000 plus respondents to their surveys represent the sentiments of us 80 million plus Filipinos.

Anybody can correct me if I’m wrong on anything.

If anybody can justify the supposedly continued overwhelming popularity of Noynoy despite these observations. I assure you I’ll come out with it right away.  Just be sure you’ll have supporting details.

I am citing Noynoy’s questionable popularity, people, because it aims to condition our minds into BLIND ACCEPTANCE of his actions and performance.

It’s a way of telling us “Noynoy’s popular because he’s doing well as President,” even if signs to the contrary are all over.

For example, can anyone honestly say that the quality of life has improved, or has been much better, since Noynoy became President?

I’m not demanding for perfection or overnight results, people. All I’m looking for is TANGIBLE PROOF of improvement, and accomplishments.

Eighteen months in power isn’t so short a period to come up with even one achievement.

As I’ve said in our first blog yesterday, judge for yourselves based on facts. And not just on purported surveys or the opinion of others. 30


The pronouncement by Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte that Malacanang has a Plan B to oust Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona in case he’s acquitted in his impeachment trial is a VERY DANGEROUS SIGN!
Dangerous not just on one but TWO FRONTS!
If an acquittal, which will be a legal action, will not be accepted, or should I say respected, by Malacanang, then expect DISORDER or VIOLENCE and a host of ILLEGAL acts, boys and girls
First, you don’t reject a lawful act with prayers or silence.
The New People’s Army (NPA) and Muslim separatists don’t recognize the law, and the Philippine Government. But they manifest this rejection with guns and murder, and not with rosaries or Holy Masses.
A possible scenario is protest rallies left and right by supposed pro-Noynoy fanatics to pressure the Senate or whatever government agency to reverse the acquittal or re-try the impeachment case.
And worse, Plan B only means the more important problems of the country -- POVERTY, JOBS, PEACE AND ORDER, etc – will continue to have VERY LOW PRIORITY from the Aquino Administration.
In other words, we ordinary mortals will have to continue enduring the hardships we now suffer while their obsessed with ousting Corona and hitting former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
From the day Noynoy assumed office a year and a half ago up to now, I have not heard of or seen EVEN ONE pro-poor or infrastructure project which has been finished, or even started, by this government.
Neither have I seen or heard of even one DETAILED pro-poor program or job-generating project of Noynoy.
Instead, what we got are budget cuts for pro-poor programas like public health services and scholarships. What we continue to get are increasing prices of basic commodities and added hardships.
Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.
But for the past 18 months, Noynoy’s government has been STRICTLY FOCUSED on coming up with attacks against the previous Administration.
Proof of this is the almost daily attacks they come out with in media, and the faster than lightning speed with which they move to support their anti-ARROYO CRUSADE like the creation of the Truth Commission.
I’m not defending, or saying, that GMA or Corona is innocent, By all means, let all the legal processes begin.
But let’s not be unduly INFLUENCED or USED, boys and girls.
Judge for yourselves ONLY ACCORDING TO EVIDENCE, and not based on self-serving and sustained press releases.
Don’t be a sucker (utu-uto) for anyone, or the INTEREST of anybody.
Remember, boys and girls, it’s us who will bear the consequences of whatever will happen. Not Noynoy or Corona or anyone else.
It’s our moral duty to make it known that we’re only for the truth and the rule of law.