Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The continued ABSOLUTE SILENCE of the Aquino Government on the numbers game jueteng is another VERY DANGEROUS sign we should all be on the alert to.

Up to now, jueteng is ILLEGAL or UNLAWFUL.

But in the 18 months it has been in power, NOT ONCE has Noynoy ordered an all-out offensive versus jueteng.

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but he has NEVER said anything specific on how he intends to stop, or even minimize, jueteng.

The only time he spoke about jueteng was when he said early into his presidency that measures are being drawn up to fight jueteng. After that, complete silence followed.

For those who are not familiar, jueteng is not just another poor man’s game with only a few cents and pesos for the jackpot.

Jueteng has been repeatedly acknowledged in the past as a MULTI-BILLION PESO racket. Ask retired Bishop Oscar Cruz. It is played practically in the whole of Luzon.

But Noynoy has not shown any proof that his government is fighting jueteng. In other words, jueteng has been UNTOUCHABLE since Noynoy became president.

Nonoy was very vocal against fraud and unlawful acts when he was campaigning for the presidency.

But when he won, he categorically declared that jueteng was not a PRIORITY of his Administration. As if jueteng is part of his TUWID NA DAAN.

Now, you don’t tolerate something unlawful FOR FREE.

Whoever is allowing jueteng to continue UNTOUCHED is surely getting TONS of cash and ANYTHING HE WANTS in bribes from jueteng operators.

With this extra, dirty money, jueteng protectors CAN BUY all the guns and goons they need or bribe anybody they have to in our out of government for their evil interests.

Whether or not their politicians or law enforcers.

For jueteng lords themselves, they can do anything they want apart from operating the illegal numbers game. They can kill, harm or go on a criminal rampage anytime.

Their protectors won’t mind.

Criminal acts like jueteng remain untouched because we’re blinded by all kinds of self-serving press releases by this Government.

Unless we start asking questions, boys and girls, this IMMORAL PROTECTION and HYPOCRISY of a purported moral governance will never stop.  Believe me! 30


  1. Jueteng is hiding behind PCSO's STL (small town lottery). All franchises of STL in the Philippines have been granted to a consortium composed of jueteng lord Bong Pineda of Pampanga and Ballsy Aquino - Cruz, sister of Noynoy Aquino.

  2. Why STOP JUETENG, if the current administration is highly selective of what is right and what is wrong then it has the sole authority to decide as it seems fit in its selective way and besides it does bring in the MULAH.

    Imagine how we get by conducting UNLAWFUL GAMES here in PAGCOR without any hassle and not even CONGRESS who gave our franchise which in turn we extend to others is being CONDONED.

    What else can I say and why should one wonder how come the ILLEGAL number prospers UNABATED. Your guess is as good as mine and we all probably know who is the BAGMAN who enjoys IMMUNITY in the process of NATIONAL collection in MILLIONS daily.

    Just look around you and you will see numerous PAGCOR franchises for GAMES outside of THREE(3) star hotels which is not allowed in our CHARTER and continues to proliferate. Bingo which is not a Casino games and its derivatives, Slot machine arcades, Poker parlors, Bingo boutiques, E games etc, which are all outside of our mandate. Only in the Philippines when the Regulator is also an Operator.



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