Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The supposed continued popularity of Noynoy Aquino is HIGHLY DOUBTFUL. Even if the country’s leading survey firms, the Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia say so.

Consider these, among others, people:

1.    For the past several months, NOT EVEN ONE big and NEUTRAL group from any sector has declared continued support for Noynoy despite his Administration’s blunders. The only exception I know of is the Black and White Movement, of which Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda is one of the top officials.
2.  The youth sector has been protesting and openly expressing disappointment over the budget cuts for education.
3.    Judges have openly protested cuts in the Judiciary budget and the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona.
4.       The business sector has been repeatedly complaining about sky-high electricity rates. Several weeks ago, I came across a news item saying that the biggest organization of exporters in the country has warned that a lot of its members will close shop if the cost of electricity won’t go down.
5. The public as a whole has been tirelessly denouncing uncontrollable increases in the prices of food and basic commodities.
6.       Some of the top officials of Pulse Asia are relatives of Noynoy.
7.   Surveys on Noynoy’s supposed popularity come out, curiously, right after a major blunder by his Administration and public outrage.
8.     Never has Pulse Asia or SWS come out with a detailed explanation on how can the supposed 1,000 plus respondents to their surveys represent the sentiments of us 80 million plus Filipinos.

Anybody can correct me if I’m wrong on anything.

If anybody can justify the supposedly continued overwhelming popularity of Noynoy despite these observations. I assure you I’ll come out with it right away.  Just be sure you’ll have supporting details.

I am citing Noynoy’s questionable popularity, people, because it aims to condition our minds into BLIND ACCEPTANCE of his actions and performance.

It’s a way of telling us “Noynoy’s popular because he’s doing well as President,” even if signs to the contrary are all over.

For example, can anyone honestly say that the quality of life has improved, or has been much better, since Noynoy became President?

I’m not demanding for perfection or overnight results, people. All I’m looking for is TANGIBLE PROOF of improvement, and accomplishments.

Eighteen months in power isn’t so short a period to come up with even one achievement.

As I’ve said in our first blog yesterday, judge for yourselves based on facts. And not just on purported surveys or the opinion of others. 30


  1. I agree with your presentation, but let me add that the population of the Philippines now is 94.6 Million Filipinos, and not 80 Million. Therefore, it is ridiculous to say that the survey results of 1,200 respondents can represent the sentiments of 94.6 Million Filipinos. It is the height of folly and stupidity to believe the survey results, but P-Noy and his fanatics believe and swallow hook, line and sinker such results.

  2. Isa lang po ang explanation diyan: niloloko lang nila ang mga sarili nila. They think that the surveys are helping them pero it's just exposing how desperate they have become... :(



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