Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The pronouncement by Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte that Malacanang has a Plan B to oust Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona in case he’s acquitted in his impeachment trial is a VERY DANGEROUS SIGN!
Dangerous not just on one but TWO FRONTS!
If an acquittal, which will be a legal action, will not be accepted, or should I say respected, by Malacanang, then expect DISORDER or VIOLENCE and a host of ILLEGAL acts, boys and girls
First, you don’t reject a lawful act with prayers or silence.
The New People’s Army (NPA) and Muslim separatists don’t recognize the law, and the Philippine Government. But they manifest this rejection with guns and murder, and not with rosaries or Holy Masses.
A possible scenario is protest rallies left and right by supposed pro-Noynoy fanatics to pressure the Senate or whatever government agency to reverse the acquittal or re-try the impeachment case.
And worse, Plan B only means the more important problems of the country -- POVERTY, JOBS, PEACE AND ORDER, etc – will continue to have VERY LOW PRIORITY from the Aquino Administration.
In other words, we ordinary mortals will have to continue enduring the hardships we now suffer while their obsessed with ousting Corona and hitting former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
From the day Noynoy assumed office a year and a half ago up to now, I have not heard of or seen EVEN ONE pro-poor or infrastructure project which has been finished, or even started, by this government.
Neither have I seen or heard of even one DETAILED pro-poor program or job-generating project of Noynoy.
Instead, what we got are budget cuts for pro-poor programas like public health services and scholarships. What we continue to get are increasing prices of basic commodities and added hardships.
Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.
But for the past 18 months, Noynoy’s government has been STRICTLY FOCUSED on coming up with attacks against the previous Administration.
Proof of this is the almost daily attacks they come out with in media, and the faster than lightning speed with which they move to support their anti-ARROYO CRUSADE like the creation of the Truth Commission.
I’m not defending, or saying, that GMA or Corona is innocent, By all means, let all the legal processes begin.
But let’s not be unduly INFLUENCED or USED, boys and girls.
Judge for yourselves ONLY ACCORDING TO EVIDENCE, and not based on self-serving and sustained press releases.
Don’t be a sucker (utu-uto) for anyone, or the INTEREST of anybody.
Remember, boys and girls, it’s us who will bear the consequences of whatever will happen. Not Noynoy or Corona or anyone else.
It’s our moral duty to make it known that we’re only for the truth and the rule of law. 

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