Saturday, January 21, 2012


Look at how MALICIOUS and UNFAIR can the prosecutors get in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

After boasting in media that they have 45 titles to properties owned or can be traced to Corona, chief prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr. said they have decided to ignore Transfer Certificates of Title in the names of the Chief Justice’s in-laws and other individuals in proving that he had more than just the five properties he has admitted owning.

After DEMONIZING Corona and DESTROYING his character in media, the prosecution is now implying ‘it may not be really 45 properties, people.’


Tupas even had the nerve to try and save his face by saying it was the Land Registration Authority (LRA) which listed 45 titles when he asked for a list of properties that could be traced to Corona and his family.

Ten is to one, Tupas WON’T APOLOGIZE in any manner whatsoever for initially claiming that Corona had 45 properties. A million to one, he and the rest of the prosecution will move Heaven and Earth to block attempts by the defense to have LRA officials summoned in the trial.

And in an obvious bid to intensify their mind-conditioning efforts in media, the prosecution seems to have two new but unofficial speakers besides the three officially designated congressmen.

One is Bayan Muna Party-list Rep. Neri Colmenares who accused Corona’s lawyers of unwarranted use of the Rules of Court to delay the trial.

Take note, guys:  impeachment court presiding Senator-Judge Juan Ponce Enrile HAS NEVER DECLARED a similar observation since the trial began. He did not detail the supposed unwarranted use by the defense of the rules of court.

Colmenares should remember that the trial is NOT BEING CONDUCTED FOR HIS pleasure, or those of his allies.

The other is Mandaluyong Rep. Neptali Gonzales Jr.

Gonzales admitted that government officials could declare a property’s fair market value, zonal value or acquisition price in the SALN, adding the acquisition price was recommended.

As I’ve pointed out in an earlier blog, you dispose of a property only at a profit. So if the acquisition price was declared before the sale, naturally there would a discrepancy in values.

Gonzales described the evidence presented so far by the prosecution as ‘damning.’ But remember, guys, Gonzales IS NOT A JUDGE of the impeachment court, nor a member of the prosecution team.

He doesn’t have any right to categorically, and publicly, judge on any proof presented at the trial.

Gonzales said Corona should explain how his wealth suddenly jumped when he became a magistrate of the high court.

Obviously, Corona’s defense team can’t do that yet even if they want to because the prosecution is NOT EVEN FINISHED YET with their cross-examination of witnesses.

Instead of the defense, it’s HIS ALLIES in the prosecution whom Gonzales should rush.  

From the readers:


WINSTON TIZON of New Manila, Quezon City
He's controlled by greed' Vindictive leader.

MARIA DOLORES SANTOS of London, United Kindom
Bakit nga ba ang hindi, para patas ang laban.

LOLITA BELEN  of Cabuyao, Laguna
Follow the leader!

RODEL BANARES of Marikina City
In the essence of fairness, dapat lahat ng nasa kampo ng proseuction and pro-yellow camps, mag divulge ng SALNs nila. Hindi yung kalaban lang nila ang pinupuntirya.

And Drilon's and Pangilinan's and the Porksecution's and the rest of the 188 congressmen.

Wala naman talagang Tuwid na Daan. Nagiilusyon lang ang mga tao.

Tama! Lubus-lubosin na para pantay. Lahat ng nanunungkulan sa gobyerno, pati baraggay captain. 


CARMELO CORTES of Puerto Princesa City,Palawan
Hope truth prevails, but humans have a way to circumvent results because of brilliance...or because of dire need? Fear? Or sheer gross pride? Intoxicating power?

I go for the truth...and the truth begins in me. I hope Malacañang eventually will do the same para fair.

Bakit ka matatakot kung wala ka namang ginagawang anomaliya? You don't even need to defend too much if you are not hiding something! Padaliin na 'yan.


Thank goodness for this blog. We should look beyond the Inquirer's biased reporting. I believe Corona is guilty and does not deserve to be Chief Justice. Facts are just too clear and the defense is using underhanded tactics to confuse the people.

I’m just wondering why Pnoy seems like a spokesman of the prosecution. He's always talking. Speaking of the senator-judges, I admire Sen. Lacson and Sen. Santiago. The former has the "balls". May prinsipyo, di pwedeng diktahan. The latter has the brains, so witty and the wisdom.


Tutoo iyan. Kahit konting improvement, wala eh! Lalong naghihirap mga tao. Sana iyun muna unahin niya bago yung mga kalaban sa pulitika. Saka iyang surveys na yan, tanga lang maniniwala diyan – 1,200 persons vs 94 million? 30

Friday, January 20, 2012


Along with that of Chief Justice Corona, the latest statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) must be REVEALED NOW for PUBLIC SCRUTINY.

Especially on how exactly, IN DETAIL, did Pnoy earn more than P39 million, or more than P3 million monthly or P100,000 daily after just a year as president.

When the monthly salary of the president is only P63,000 after tax, or only P819,000 annually.

I remember before that Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda justified the increase by supposed inheritances and other money matters within Pnoy’s family.

It would be VERY INTERESTING to have a look at ALL THE DOCUMENTS related to the massive increase in Pnoy’s money.

If Pnoy has nothing to hide, then there should be no problem for him to release his SALN, and all documents related  to it,  at once to the public.

He and Malacanang should ANSWER all questions that will be raised by anybody, regardless of political affiliation or class in society, with COMPLETE DETAILS.

There should be no reason for Pnoy or Malacanang not to reveal his SALN and JUSTIFY IN DETAIL each and every entry in it.

And speaking of Valte, it would be much more interesting if the public can have a look at her SALN too, as well as those of her boss Edwin Lacierda and the entire Cabinet!

I repeat, IF THEY HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, then there shouldn’t be any problem for them to public disclose their SALNs and answer queries from anybody, if any.

For the past several months, especially now in the impeachment trial of Corona, TRANSPARENCY and TRUTH have been the favorite words of Pnoy and his Malacanang aides in attacking Corona.

Now is the BEST TIME for him to prove he means what he says, by setting an example.

There is NO LAW EXEMPTING Pnoy from immediately disclosing his SALN, Anybody correct me if I’m wrong. As president, Pnoy is supposed to be our role model for transparency and truth.

If Pnoy refuses to release his SALN with no convincing or on a hair-thin reason, something STINKS, guys!  The ‘tuwid na daan’  is no more! 30

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Since the prosecution in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona is hitting hard on his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN), consider these people before you make any conclusion:

Under the law, any real property owner has the right to choose what value he or she will use in declaring assets – assessed, acquisition or fair market.

There is NOTHING ILLEGAL ABOUT IT! The prosecution has yet to produce proof of this to the contrary.

The assessed value is the cheapest, the fair market value the highest. And when you acquire something and then sell it, naturally you dispose of it for a profit.

Obviously, THERE WILL BE DISCREPANCIES in the values or prices. But it doesn’t mean that Corona undervalued his assets.

The prosecution initially claimed Corona had not submitted his SALNs. But it now turns out that he had been, annually, as produced in the trial by the clerk of court of the Supreme Court (SC), and the Office of the President.

The SC is a public office and the SALN a public document.  

The SC resolution cited by the clerk that controls the release of the SALNs of the justices is a COURT RESOLUTION, not an order only by Corona.  

Indisputable proof of this is the resolution was passed way back in 1989, when Corona was NOT EVEN A JUSTICE yet.

If there had been requests for SALN before which remain pending up to now it’s the resolution which should be blamed. This also proves that Corona DOES NOT CONTROL the SC.

The prosecution has yet to prove that Corona had personally barred the release of his SALN. On the contrary, he allowed it as what we have seen in the impeachment trial.

After first citing Corona’s alleged non-submission of his SALNs as Article 2 of the Articles of Impeachment, the prosecution suddenly included the alleged ill-gotten wealth and non-disclosure of other properties of the Chief Justice among the charges.

But the impeachment court has NOT YET RULED on how to handle this with finality. Both sides have been asked to submit their respective memoranda about it.

These are facts, people. Think about these before you judge for yourselves.

From the readers:


MARIA DOLORES SANTOS of London , United Kingdom
Tama lamang ang yong tinuran, kaibigan. Naniniwala ako na ang sino mang gustong linisin ang bakuran ng iba ay dapat at marapat lamang na maglinis muna ng sarili niyang bakuran.


LEMWEL SOLIMAN of Gumaca, Quezon
The prosecutors are making the impeachment court as their training ground and obviously, their incompetence knows no bounds.

I think the prosecutors are confused of what to do next. They do not have their ducks in a row. Senators serving as jurors should remain as that. Listen and direct questions to the presiding judge and not directly to the witness. They are just showing which side they're on.


As I've said in one of my comments, since ang dami naman nila sa prosecution, sama mo na rin ang mga senator/judges. Iyung mga obvious dun! At media, especially ABiaS-CBN/SWS/Pulse Asia. They even said that their evidences are solid! What the distinctive gentlemen (Defense) are trying to prove there is that there is a Law. A Rule of Law which everyone of us must follow!

LUZ IMELDA MACARAEG of Newark , New Jersey , USA
Your effort in sharing objective blogs regarding our country's very significant issues is truly appreciated! Thank you. God bless.

JOSE FERNANDO of Norfolk , Virginia , USA
I'll say the same. If it's in favor of Corona , I wouldn't mind. If it's against him, that is sinister.

JOSEPH OPULENCIA of Zamboanga City
Sayang si Merceditas Gutierrez, nagresign. Kung lumaban siya, siguro walang impeachment trial si CJ.

RUBEN ARCEO of Manteca City , California , USA
I won't be surprised. Everything in the flipland are confusing.


Watching the on going impeachment trial, I observed that some of our dear senators are openly favoring one side. It’s disgusting!

 I would rather listen to the tweet of birds, the meow of cats and the tik of lizards.


Yes. Now you see the true colors of the three senator-judges, acting as counsel for the prosecutors. I believe Mr. Corona will get a fair trial. But watch out, people. This might end up in another ‘people power’ if they continue their evil acts. 


Four days after the impeachment trial, and a month after they hurriedly transmitted the articles of impeachment to the Senate, the prosecution still hasn’t shown any damning proof against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Instead, what the prosecution has only shown so far is the CONFUSING PRESENTATION of the articles of impeachment.

On Day 4, the prosecution presented documents and witnesses attesting to the purported ill-gotten properties of Corona in relation to Article 2.

But lead defense counsel Serafin Cuevas pointed out that Article 2 clearly states that it only applies to the supposed non-submission of Corona’s statement of Assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

Not to alleged ill-gotten wealth of the Chief Justice, prompting Senator-Judge Francis Escudero to express his own confusion with Article 2.

Escudero noted that the prosecution had also included Corona’s alleged ill-gotten wealth and non-inclusion of all his properties in Article 2, making it a total of THREE SEPARATE FACTS.

The prosecution presented Corona’s SALNs from wayback in the 90s, when he was still  working In  Malacanang until he was appointed justice.

Even if Corona was already Chief Justice when he was impeached, prompting Presiding Senator-Judge Juan Ponce Enrile to question the relevance fof the SALNs.

Throughout the hearing, as noted by Cuevas,  the prosecution’s witnesses presented only cancelled land titles or properties in the names of Corona’s children.

The only property that can be attributed to the chief justice was the Bellagio property in Tagig, which he has already admitted in public.

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but when a person files charges against another, he or she is presumed to have enough convincing evidence to support the accusation.

But it doesn’t appear that way at the rate the prosecution is going. And news reports say some P10 million was allocated for the Corona impeachment trial.

Pick one, or you can choose all, ladies and gentlemen:

The prosecution is still on a FISHING EXPEDITION because they know they have a terribly weak case.

They have the evidence but are simply too incompetent to present their case speedily and correctly.

Their deliberately going on a snail’s pace because of the live TV and radio coverage. 30

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


House prosecution team Deputy Speaker Lorenzo Tañada III says they are the underdogs in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

I say this is ‘kapal ng mukha’ and pathetic ‘paawa effect’ to the max.
Tanada’s lone argument is Corona has acquired the “most expensive lawyers”, and “has a call center of lawyers” for his defense.”

Deputy Majority Leader Miro Quimbo adds Corona’s lawyers have been practicing litigation law their entire lives.

These are correct. But these definitely DOIN’T MAKE the prosecutors an underdog.

First, President Pnoy himself is OPENLY, and WHOLE-HEARTEDLY, supporting the prosecution. Remember, under Pnoy’s CONTROL and DISPOSAL are the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of lawyers in ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES!

Second, being congressmen, the prosecutors have their OWN people and funds/resources in the tens of millions at their disposal.

Third, the prosecution has media giant ABS-CBN at its side, as clearly shown by the inclusion of three lawyers of the network among their private prosecutors.

The mind-conditioning capability of ABS-CBN due to its popularity needs no lengthy explanation.

Fourth, the prosecution has ‘mysterious supporters’ who can spend as much as close to P1 million in one day alone for three full-page advertisements which appeared just days ago in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

And has access to a supposed World Bank report on alleged dissatisfaction by the bank on the use of a loan it had extended to the Supreme Court.

A story which the bank disowned, and conveniently did not have comments from other Chief Justices before Corona. Even if the loan was granted SEVEN YEARS BEFORE Corona assumed office.

And despite all these, you prosecutors still consider yourselves as the underdogs? As kids say nowadays, ‘KAPAL N’YO, (thick-faced), promise!’

If the prosecutors admit that the defense lawyers are more experienced than them, then it’s not the fault of Corona or his legal team.

They should blame WHOEVER CHOSE THEM, instead of lawyers who are as seasoned and as smart as Corona’s defenders.

And please, guys, don’t try to make idiots or suckers (utu-uto) out of the people by claiming the private lawyers with you were “not even given free coffee.”

The people are a LOT SMARTER than you think. We WON’T BLINDLY ACCEPT everything you say. You and your bosses, especially Pnoy, are not as popular and idolized as you think.

Believe me!
From the readers:


ARNOLD CABANERO of San Francisco, Surigao del Norte
For me, sometimes we are biased with our ideas for some reason. Let’s not be subjective. Be like a visionary who thinks a lot beyond the perspective of thinking.

Tama ka po. We shouldnt really prejudge a person until he or she is proven guilty, like in the case of Chief Justice Corona and Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. We should exercise critical thinking and give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s not be blinded by biased journalism, for justice’s and democracy’s sake.

Tinamad ako sa panonood ng Day 2. I was expecting a good and  healthy debate. Ang dala lang pala ay papel na pamparingas at panggatong na ginamit nila para paniwalain ang masa at gamitin ang media. Are they really good prosecutors or firesecutors? Nasa gitna lang ako dito pero sana, matapos itong impeachment na may lalabas na taong kapani-paniwala. Sa tutoo lang, sobrang nakakapaso.

Hi, Boyet. Ano ba naman ineexpect mo sa kanila? They are just following orders from a person na di nga alam kung ano gagawin sa buhay,  eh! What do you expect?

Nahahalata ko, the hearts and minds of the prosecutors are not in this impeachment endeavor. They are good lawyers. Congressman Barzaga was provincial prosecutor of Cavite before he won as congressman. I can sense they don't believe in prosecuting this impeachment. Parang napilitan lang sila dahil sa party discipline, release ng pork barrel funds nila at utos ng Malacanang. Parang half-hearted sila at ayaw manalo. Kawawa naman. 

No matter how the defense tries to mask and hide the smell of shit, no matter how incompetent the prosecution is in proving that the shit is real, in the end, it will come out. It will stink. 30


The statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) of Chief Justice Renato Corona has finally been released to the impeachment court.

Start judging, ladies and gentlemen. More proof to follow from both sides.

But judge based on EVIDENCE to be presented, and not on the opinion of others or which side has more press releases and other media exposures.

Especially if the media exposure will come from a firm OPENLY FAVORING ONE SIDE, like ABS-CBN which assigned its own counsels to the prosecution.

Or from a media person who will make legal assumptions or issue opinions even though he or she is NOT A LAWYER.

LISTEN to, and THINK VERY CAREFULLY, of, EVERYTHING that will be presented by both the prosecution and the defense, before you conclude on anything.

Don’t judge, or be INFLUENCED by media, based only on what one side will say or present.

Again, if we let anyone manipulate our minds and opinions, truth and justice won’t be what it is and what has been established.

Truth and justice will be what and how that person(s) wants these to be.

In the process, if you find anything suspicious or objectionable, air your concerns in ALL possible mediums, from media to the Internet.

As I’ve said in an earlier blog, it’s the Senate as the impeachment court who will decide if Corona’s guilty or not. It’s not the prosecution, the defense or the media, or anyone in media.

Whether we all like it or not, EVERYONE is presumed INNOCENT until proven guilty. There’s no exception.

I’m sure NONE of us would want to be prejudged as guilty first before proven innocent. 30

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Corona impeachment trial prosecutors should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!

Not only for the DISGUSTING ILL-PREPARATION they admitted to in the second day of the trial, but more importantly for the ARROGANCE they showed.

As you probably saw or heard for yourselves, ladies and gentlemen:

The prosecution disregarded their OWN RANKING of the articles of impeachment by asking to present proof for article no. 2, the alleged ill gotten wealth of Chief Justice Renato Corona, instead of no 1, his supposed partiality to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in Supreme Court decisions.

The prosecution SHAMELESSLY and directly admitted they’re NOT READY for article no 1.

MORE THAN A MONTH after hurriedly transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial, here they are saying THEY’RE NOT READY!

If this is not PATHETIC INCOMPETENCE – going to a trial without your evidence for the issue to be tackled -- then the prosecution probably thought they could do anything and get away with it.

And to add insult to injury, the prosecution only had COMPUTER-GENERATED, but supposedly authentic, titles and other similar documents as proof of the alleged-ill gotten wealth of Corona.

No one was with them to authenticate the documents.

They had planned to tackle the titles first but nobody had the COMMON SENSE to bring along the witnesses, even though they ADMITTED that they knew the documents had to be authenticated.

The prosecution even had the nerve to put the blame on the issuance of subpoenas to their witnesses, which was done only earlier that morning.

And yet, in their briefing to reporters after the trial, the prosecution still boasted that they had over 100 authentic documents which they could have presented had the authenticity not been questioned.

Meaning, since they themselves said these are authentic, the impeachment court should have taken their word for it. As if saying, their word is Gospel-truth.

Even without the authenticating officers.

If this is isn’t arrogance, somebody supply me with a more appropriate word and explanation.

If this is the caliber of the prosecution, we may be heading for a monumental waste of the Senate’s precious time and resources (our taxes) in the Corona impeachment trial.

From the readers:


It is not surprising why Cayetano would like to be one of the lawyers of the prosecution. He wants to be reelected in 2013.
It is quite clear that he is so good in grandstanding as free publicity for his own interest. 

Hintayin na lang natin ang results ng impeachment. Let the people talk. After all, the power of government wrests in them, not on a piece of paper which is the Constitution. Let us not be legalistic about the process. It’s the same law that the criminal and the judge will use.

NIQUEY LAU\ of Quezon City
Obviously, my friend!

RODEL RAMIL of Kowloon City, Hong Kong
It’s too obvious. Lucky siya, wala si Sen. Miriam!

Naging ninong ng prosecution si Cayetano!

ALEX VERSOZA of Quezon City
Can he be trusted?

After reading the blog, I muttered to myself - oh-oh, there goes the neighborhood!

Halata nga, sir.

He’s for the pork at any cause!

Kilala ang mga Cayetano dito sa Taguig na supporters ng yellow admin.

Siguro playing safe ang magkapatid. One is for the defense, the other for the prosecution.


OPHELIA GALORPORT of Malaybalay, Bukidnon
Matagal na akong boycott sa ABS-CBN!

ABS-CBN, nagpapakita ng partiality. Nakakagalit ang report ni Linda Jumilla. Let us boycott Abs-CBN!


VIOLY MORATO of San Mateo, Rizal
I believe that justice and truth shall prevail. Nangyari lang ito dahil siguro sa vengeance sa decision ng SC na ipamahagi sa farmers ang Hacienda Luisita.

The question we must ask in order to determine whether or not Renato Corona should remain as Chief Justice is this: Is he a midnight appointee or not? We must expect that his answer is in complete conformity with the Constitution. Then we need no longer worry about the biases of ABS-CBN, GMA, PDI, and the rest of media.

Magpakita ka ng dangal sa sarili mo. Pakita mong magaling ka sa pamamagitan ng patas na laban. Hawak mo na ang pinaka-mataas na posisyon ng bansa, hawak mo na kongreso, media at sinasabi mong kaming masa, bakit pati ang hudikatura ay gusto mong hawakan? Siguro, pati anino mo ay pinagdududahan mong hindi kampi sa iyo.

MAR of Pasig City
Someone stole the report means that report exists and was unofficially released. What we are after is the truth, and the truth will set us free. Forget about technicalities, because that will prevent the truth from coming out. 30