Monday, September 17, 2012


PINALAKAS pa lalo ni Pnoy ang OPERASYON at KINIKITA sa ILEGAL na sugal na jueteng.

With his decision to stop the small town lottery (STL), Pnoy has ELIMINATED the BIGGEST COMPETITOR of jueteng and tossed into it whatever market share STL had enjoyed, further solidifying its hold on the number one slot in numbers games.

Sa halip na BAWASAN, PINARAMI PA ni Pnoy ang mga mananaya ng jueteng. At KONTRA pa siya sa jtueteng ng lagay na iyan.

Apart from this, Pnoy DEPRIVED the provincial and local governments and police stations and commands who were the beneficiaries of 30 percent of the net sales of STL, as well as workers of STL operators of their jobs.


I’m not an STL operator. Let that be for the record. Neither is any member of my immediate family, or relatives.

Pero isipin ninyo ito, mga kababayan:

Mabilis na nagdesisyon si Pnoy na itigil na ang STL. Pero HANGGANG NGAYON, KAHIT MINSAN ay hindi siya nagutos na salakayin ARAW-GABI ang mga jueteng den at arestuhin ang mga empleyado at operator nito.

Kahit minsan ay HINDI natin narinig si Pnoy na IMBESTIGAHAN ang mga suspected jueteng lord at mga maaaring nagiging paglabag nila sa batas, tulad ng ibinabayad nilang buwis kontra mga ari-arian nila.

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

If Malacanang or any Pnoy supporter will counter that arrests have been made and cases have been filed by the PNP against jueteng guys, better have an explanation too as to why these number only a FEW HUNDREDS as against the thousands claimed by PNP chief Nicanor Bartolome.

Considering that jueteng operates in some of the most populous and busiest regions nationwide, like Southern and Central Luzon and Metro Manila.

And if Pnoy’s spokespersons will cite his claim that the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo had been preparing a plan against jueteng before his death, I’ll say that Pnoy announced the same thing shortly after he became president more than two years ago.

MAHIGIT DALAWANG TAON NA, PLANO PA RIN? Ano ang problema at hindi matapos-tapos? Kung talagang may plano, may sagot sa mga tanong na ito.

I wonder HOW MANY MORE MILLIONS DAILY will jueteng operators earn from now on, with STL’s demise. 30  

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Here are some VERY IMPORTANT BUT UNANSWERED QUESTIONS which call for the conduct of the cancelled House of Representatives probe on resigned DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno:

WHAT EXACTLY DID HE DO, if any, against the ILLEGAL numbers game jueteng in the two years that he was DILG undersecretary tasked with eradicating it?

Remember, guys, PNP chief Nicanor Bartolome himself has ADMITTED in the Senate hearing conducted by Sen. Miriam Santiago that jueteng continues to operate in various parts of the country.

Did Puno ever order a crackdown on jueteng and jueteng lords? If yes, when, against whom and what were the results? If no, why not?

Bartolome admitted that he has a list of police officials involved in or with links to jueteng. Have he and Puno done anything about it, like question or investigate   these suspected corrupt cops?

If yes, when and against whom? If no, why not? What is the extent of the alleged involvement of these suspected jueteng protectors and how much are they supposedly being paid?

Apart from police officials, who else is/are protecting jueteng and jueteng lords and how much are they getting?

If Puno and Bartolome will say that they have no idea or information about it, they’re trying to make IDIOTS out of us, guys, or SHOULD NOT HAVE ACCEPTED their posts in the first place. 

In the eyes of Puno, what exactly makes jueteng unstoppable?

What are the problems the PNP is facing, and did he do anything about it? Again, if yes, what and when and what happened? If no, why not?

Puno said he only viewed the facilities of a blacklisted Israeli weapons firm on the invitation of one retired general Santiago who he only bumped into at the airport when he and his entourage arrive din Israel.

Who was this Santiago and what was he doing in Israel?  Did he know that the firm was blacklisted in the Philippines? If yes, why did he still invite Puno to it? If no, why didn’t he?

Why didn’t he coordinate first with the widow of his late boss, Jesse Robredo, before making that UNAUTHORIZED visit to his condo unit in Quezon City a day after the former DILG secretary was reported missing in a plane crash?
Would Punoi be willing to reveal his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth for the two years he was with the DILG? Would he be willing to sign a waiver for his bank deposits?

How much was his net worth before he was appointed DILG undersecretary and how much was it until he resigned recently? If it had increased, what was the source of the additional wealth?

As I always say, IF THERE’S NOTHING TO HIDE, then THERE’S NOTHING TO FEAR. Even a congressional probe. 30