Saturday, January 14, 2012


Here’s a good example of how detractors of Chief Justice Renato Corona are DESPERATELY trying to brainwash us through media.

And of how media can conveniently forget fair or balanced reporting whenever it wants to. JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES, ladies and gentlemen. Read everything first before you do.

The front-page headline of today’s Inquirer is about questionable details of a $21.9-million loan granted by the World Bank to the Supreme Court.

Take note, people:

The World Bank approved the loan in 2003 to assist the borrower in developing a more effective and accessible judiciary, a brainchild of then Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.

Reynato Puno succeeded Davide as Chief Justice until Renato Corona assumed office in 2010 or some SEVEN YEARS after the loan was granted.

But take note, people, the Inquirer DID NOT ask Davide or Puno for comment, even if the loan was ALREADY IN USE long before Corona became Chief Justice.

Neither did Inquirer say anything to show that the term of Davide and Puno was 100 percent clean so the two need not be asked to comment.

The Inquirer report admitted that loan result indicators depict achievements in several areas.

But it DID NOT CITE the achievements. However, it came out with COMPLETE  DETAILS on supposedly questionable transactions using the loan.

The Inquirer said according to the World Bank, since Corona assumed his post in mid-2010 progress in reforming the judiciary has been rated unsatisfactory, and that there have been, among others, “inaccurate/incomplete information” on financial management reports and “diminished existing internal check-and-balance mechanism.”

But Inquirer did not cite who was/were in-charge of everything cited by the World Bank. Inquirer DID NOT GET the side of any other officer of the Supreme Court.

Not even Justice Midas Marquez, the Supreme Court spokesman and administrator who was obviously referred to in some supposedly questionable aspects of the story even if he was not directly named.

Inquirer cited what the World Bank report described as ineligible” purchases like the printing supply of the Court Reporter’s Case Index, purchase of laptop computers, speaker’s fee for seminars, registration fee of JUSTICES (take note people, plural, not just one justice) attending international conferences and foreign travels of JUSTICES  and their staff.

But Inquirer did not cite who were the other justices, or who were the ones who made and approved the requests.  Neither did the newspaper indicate any effort it had done to find out the personalities concerned.

I’m a former senior editor of the Journal Group of Publications, a nationally-circulated newspaper, ladies and gentlemen. 

Unless it has been changed, one rule every newspaperman, or every media man is bound to follow, is to get the SIDE of everyone involved and all the missing details of a story FIRST before you come out with it in print.

But Inquirer got a brief comment from Corona only yesterday, a Saturday and with offices closed, after the last novena for him at the Supreme Court grounds.

And last but definitely not THE LEAST, along with the story, THREE FULL-PAGE ADVERTISEMENTS worth almost P1 million appeared today in Inquirer.
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To avoid being manipulated or brainwashed by anyone when the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona starts on Monday, keep these three things in mind:

First, the trial is just beginning. Corona HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED yet!

Second, the almost daily media blitz by Malacanang and the congressmen-prosecutors on all sorts of allegations against Corona DOESN’T MEAN that Corona’s guilty.

The number of press releases is NEVER PROOF or measure of guilt of an accused in any court or forum. Especially if the press release is ONE-SIDED in favor of the ACCUSER.

Third, don’t automatically consider any evidence to be presented by the prosecution as gospel-truth.

The prosecution’s evidence will have to be VERIFIED or AUTHENTICATED first. Corona’s camp has all the right to examine the evidence and block its admission to the trial if he thinks he has to.

Like all of us, Corona is also covered by the human right everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. You wouldn’t want to lose that right, would you?

No one, not even Pnoy, can take that right away from us.

DON’T FORGET, it’s the Senate and not Malacanang or the congressmen-prosecutors who will decide if Corona’s guilty or innocent.

When one resorts to brainwashing, he wants to divert your attention from something wrong or evil that he has done. If you allow yourself to be brainwashed, you’re TOLERATING that wrong or evil.

And when that wrong or evil pushes through or continues, IT’S US, the ordinary mortals, who will SUFFER. Not the culprit! 

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Friday, January 13, 2012


You can also follow Danger Signs on Twitter. My user name is nemesio antonio. Thanks.

Come to think of it, the danger that President Aquino has indeed been talking to senators for the conviction of Chief Justice Renato Corona doesn’t only apply to Sen. Francis Escudero.

There are two others, Senators Franklin Drilon and Francis Pangilinan.

Drillon and Pangilinan are UNDENIABLE DIEHARDS of Pnoy and two of his most zealous attack dogs against Corona in the effort to oust the Chief Justice.

If Pnoy can do it to Escudero, there’s no reason why he can’t talk to Drilon and Pangilinan. And we have NO PROOF that this hasn’t happened, yet, except the denial they’ll expectedly issue once asked by anyone.

Remember, Escudero had admitted talking to Pnoy more than a week ago. By then, the articles of impeachment against Corona had been already transmitted to the Senate.

But Escudero even tried to make idiots out of the people by claiming they never talked about the impeachment in their hour-long chat.

So unless Drilon, Pangilinan and Escudero can present convincing evidence that Pnoy has not talked them into convicting Corona, they have no moral right to be judges in the impeachment trial.

If only for DELICADEZA, they should withdraw as judges.

Drilon and Pangilinan had vigorously called on Corona to inhibit himself from cases in the Supreme Court involving former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) before the Chief Justice was impeached

They claimed Corona was biased, since he was appointed by GMA.

But Escudero admits to being a personal friend of Pnoy. Drilon and Pangilinan, apart from being undeniable attack dogs against Corona, are indisputable critics to the max of GMA.

No lengthy explanation is needed for the presence, or even the possibility, of bias against Corona among them.

Either of which ENDANGERS the IMPARTIALITY of the impeachment trial. 

From the readers:


Bakit? Ngayon lang ba nakahalata ang mga Pilipino?

A good leader should understand that criticism, could be an eyes opening for better governance.

I like the title of your article. Content, great.


Aabangan ko ito. Pasikat talaga iyang Tupas na iyan.

They've never been fair. They have been playing extra judicially by releasing those unsubstantiated allegations to the public. They want the public to support them and hope to elicit hoots and howls in their favor, so that the senators, especially those up for reelection, will show off.

It is actually more than a danger sign. Without verifying the authenticity of whatever pieces of evidence in their possession and the reputation of the evidence providers, they immediately jump on the gun and again use the subservient media to air their charges against the embattled CJ. It is pretty obvious that they are employing the infamous Hitler media tactic, that of continuously peddling lies until the people accept it as truth. And sad to say, it is already happening, with majority blindly giving their support to the accusers and their boss.

Let us just allow the impeachment to begin and continue until its conclusion. Let the prosecutors do their thing whether in conformity or contrary to established rules. Let the Chief Justice defend himself. In the end, truth shall prevail. This time let the end justify whatever means democracy has adopted in the effort to remove or retain an impeachable official of the government.

The atrocities that the Administration has committed against collegial decisions of the Supreme Court can be readily corrected by the High Tribunal itself, of which CJ Corona is just a part of.

RICKY MONFORT of Bacolod City
It is getting obvious that the lapdogs are desperate, thus resulting in fabricating evidences against the chief justice. This is how dirty these lapdogs in the Lower House are just to please the chihuahua living by the Pasig River. Though they were warned not to publicize any evidence in public, they still do and defy the warning of the senator- judges. Their frustration is showing. This is not working in their favor and their reasoning is out of this world. I can't wait for Monday to come and see these lapdogs get grilled for lack of merit in all the articles that they are trying to prove.

MARISSA GARCIA of Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Sad but true. Go viral. How do we reach the masses? Sila, they havw Kris na effective sa common people. 30


Right after being criticized by his predecessor, Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA), comments directly about Pnoy have been blocked  INDEFINITELY by the administrator of his Facebook page.

Meaning, NO ONE can criticize Pnoy on his own page even if they want to.

This is their way of proving Pnoy’s highly-publicized battle cry to the people, ‘Kayo ang boss ko!,’  by REFUSING TO LISTEN to his bosses.

If this isn’t UNDENIABLE HYPOCRISY and DOUBLE-TALK, somebody give me a more appropriate adjective. Just be sure you can defend it.

And in obvious, SHAMELESS DESPERATION to boost Pnoy’s Facebook image, the administrator said users can still go the page to see their posts, which naturally are nothing else but PRAISE STATEMENTS about Pnoy.

This amateurish move can only mean TWO THINGS:

First, Pnoy and his boys DON’T HAVE any SOLID DEFENSE against the pronouncements of GMA. Otherwise, they wouldn’t impose a block and use the situation instead to prove her wrong and portray her claims as lies.

Second, this is CRYSTAL-CLEAR pride or vanity to the max.

Pnoy won’t take criticisms squarely, or maturely.  As far as he and his government are concerned, he is perfect and never makes a mistake.

And somebody had better not have the nerve or the guts to make himself look stupid by claiming Pnoy does not know about the Facebook block.

The people are not idiots.

This is the kind of president we have people, an EGOTRIPPER who wouldn’t listen to us if you point out his mistakes.

Think about what else can he do, especially if the critic is an ordinary mortal like you and me!

From our readers:


(Senate President Juan Ponce) Enrile once said Tupas should study the law. It says everything...

KIMMY GAVIOLA of Antelope, California, USA
There is wholesale corruption in our country, We have a politically broken system. Congressmen are more interested in a public circus to divert attention from their own corruption. Dont expect legitimacy 

STEVE SY of Quezon City
On the Corona impeachment: I want him removed from the Supreme Court. But I do agree the procedure that led to this is, at the very least, doubtful, and to some extent dangerous for us as a nation.


A reader who asked to be called only as PAGCOR

Why stop jueteng if the current administration is highly selective of what is right and what is wrong? Imagine how we get by conducting UNLAWFUL GAMES here in PAGCOR without any hassle and not even CONGRESS who gave our franchise which in turn we extend to others is being CONDONED.
Just look around you and you will see numerous PAGCOR franchises for games which are not allowed in our charter – bingo, which is not a Casino games and its derivatives, slot machine arcades, poker parlors, E games. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012


If there is even a drop of fairness left in congressmen-prosecutors in the Corona impeachment trial, they had better start disclosing their properties and other assets, as well as net worth, too in public.  

Otherwise, they had better have even a dash of decency and save taxpayers’ money by withdrawing the impeachment complaint before the Senate and just continue demonizing the Chief Justice in public for as long as they want.

At their OWN EXPENSE, not ours through our taxes.

In TOTAL and ARROGANT DISREGARD of the Senate warning that they should disclosing in public any evidence against Corona, the prosecutors have revealed the supposed questionable ownership of the Chief Justice of 45 properties in various areas.

But take note, people, we are totally IN THE DARK on what these congressmen own for themselves and if that ownership is justifiable or not.  For those who don’t know, congressmen are required by law to reveal their assets, liabilities and net worth.

And as uncovered by media people, three of the supposed 45 properties are not in the name of Corona. When confronted by media, one of the prosecutors still had the STOMACH to say they will prove that the three properties can be traced to Corona.

The prosecutors want the Senate to summon Corona’s family over the properties.

Then, for a  truly FAIR AND SQUARE fight, they must also present the other congressmen who publicly declared they did not go for the impeachment because they were being forced to sign the articles for it even though they haven’t read it yet.

Like Mandanas of  Batangas and Tiangco of Navotas.

And by the way, earlier news reports had quoted lead prosecutor Niel Tupas as admitting that some of the 188 congressmen who had signed the articles of impeachment actually did so without reading it.

Tupas must be REQUIRED TO EXPLAIN this, in the same magnitude, scope and detail he and his boys are doing in attacking Corona. He must NAME these congressmen and volunteer them for questioning in the impeachment trial.

If they refuse, that can only mean THEY THEMSELVES have something QUESTIONABLE to hide and have no MORAL RIGHT to act as prosecutors.

Again, for those who don’t know, the law requires that an impeachment complaint must have been FIRST READ and UNDERSTOOD  by the complainant before it is filed.

Tupas and the rest of Corona’s foes are DESPERATELY trying to condition our minds to a conviction and condemnation of the Chief Justice.  Again, for the record, I’m not saying that Corona’s innocent.

But the non-stop attacks versus Corona before the impeachment trial could even begin tends to BLIND US to the other acts of Tupas’ gang and the rest of their allies. When someone deliberately blinds you, the intention is definitely EVIL.

This is the GRAVE DANGER we might overlook, people. We must not let anyone MANIPULATE us!

From our readers:


AUDI MAGNAYE of San Pascual, Batangas
It sometimes backfires!


I saw a television news flash quoting Pnoy as saying that the terror threat he had warned about before the procession for the Black Nazarene may last until 2013.

Watch out, people! Not just for terrorists but more so, for PNOY!

This supposed terror threat is getting to be more SUSPICIOUS than REALISTIC!

In effect, Pnoy is saying that the threat is so damned serous that the rest of 2012 may not be enough for him and his boys to capture the supposed culprits!

And yet, among others, they refuse to appeal to the public for help like, what they had dome for the arrest of fugitive former general Jovito Palparan.

They won’t come out with photos, sketches or even descriptions of the supposed terrorists who had eluded government forces who had raided their safe houses.

Up to now, they can’t even be SPECIFIC on what terror group is behind the threat and what areas or kinds of establishments are the targets, so that the people can take extra precautions.

When one tries to portray a threat as extremely serious that it’s duration is indefinite, and yet refuses to do anything that will help his incompetent people capture the suspects, there can only be three possible reasons behind it.

Hallucination, the person is a miserable sucker or the threat is an amateurish prelude to a sinister plot.

Since the first two are self-explanatory, let me touch on the third.

First, the supposed threat could be meant to scare off supporters of Chief Justice Renato Corona from assembling at the Senate on Monday to show their support for him at the opening of his impeachment rial.

If that happens, Pnoy and the rest of Corona’s enemies can easily portray in media that the Chief Justice has no support from the people and hopefully, demoralize or further demonize the guy.

Second, if the public will take the threat for granted and not question it vigorously, Pnoy’s government will blame it for acts of violence in the future.

Then, the entailing chaos will used as basis by Pnoy in asking for emergency powers from the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In preparation for ONE-MAN RULE or martial law. Think about this, people!  FOR OUR OWN SAKE!

 From our readers:


BENJAMIN SAMONTE of Chicago, Illinois, USA
Wala na ang tama! Inumpisahan mo kasing manggulo, Ginoong Pangulo!

Bakit? Feel na ba nilang matatalo na sila? Or merong mga senador na hindi kumakagat sa P200 million nila?

Sen. Escudero please tell the truth. You claim in your one-hour-conversation with P-Noy the impeachment issue was not talked about. We don't believe you. Sayang, ang taas pa naman ng respeto ko sa iyo. Hindi kami TANGA!

MSJU NETTE of Koronadal, South Cotabato
I even received a text brigade message about ousting Corona . Impartiality? Tell it to the marines.

Give him the benefit of the doubt. What I heard is that Pnoy is asking him why he is against his choice for Corona 's replacement. Meaning, me rift na sa Liberals.

Pareho kayong puro dakdak lang. Wala po kayong kongkretong nagawa sa bayan.

I never doubted the insidious intention from the very day he took his oath as president up to the present to oust the Chief Justice by hook or by crook and he will never leave any stone unturned to make it happen.

VIOLY MORATO of San Mateo , Rizal
Let's just wait for what will happen to this upcoming impeachment trial. Probably at this point in time Pnoy is already considering a PLAN B, in case Chief Justice Corona would be acquitted.

Sen. Escudero is still very much covered by the code of ethics of lawyers, even if he is a Senator, more so that he has taken an oath as an impeachment magistrate. Is he purer than Caesar's wife? Did he violate certain cannons of the law?

Mga double hypocrites!

Pinagdidiinan nila yung SALN ni Chief Justice Corona pero sila mismo, hindi naglabas ng SALN nila. Si Niel Tupas na mismong naglalabas kuno ng ebedensya, siya mismo hindi naglabas ng SALN!

PENNSTATE  ACHILLES of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Worse than "Hello, Garci" kung gayon!

RODEL RAMIL of Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Even iyung SALN ni Justice Carpio, hindi nila pinakialaman,at naka-focus lang daw sa Chief Justice.  Ang kay Chief  Justice Corona, hataw sila, over-speeding pa nga.

They are not true enough. Hypocrites!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A huge cloud of doubt has just been cast on the integrity and impartiality of the upcoming impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Thanks to no less than President Aquino himself and to Sen. Francis Escudero.

Escudero has admitted that the President had talked to him for an hour last week. As expected, he claimed that their chat never touched on the impeachment trial.

But before anyone takes Escudero’s word as gospel truth, think about these, SERIOUSLY:

Pnoy has been the most aggressive accuser of Corona long before the 188 congressmen voted to impeach the Chief Justice. Escudero is one of the judges.

The accuser talks to a judge for an hour JUST DAYS before the trial of the man he wants penalized.  

PURELY FOR PLEASANTRIES? As the kids say nowadays, HALER!

Other than Escudero’s own words, guys, we have NO ASSURANCE that Pnoy did not influence him to vote for the conviction of Corona.

Which would be GROSSLY UNFAIR any way you look at it.

It’s also shocking, if not SUSPICIOUS, why Escudero talked to Pnoy at this time even if their personal friends. Escudero is a lawyer.He should have known, and even advised Pnoy that their fairness and integrity iwill be highly suspect once the people learn of their conversation.

Take note people,

Escudero’s admission comes at a time when reports are alleging that Pnoy has started talking to the senator-judges and offering them bribes just to convict Corona (which Malacanang, of course, has vehemently denied). 

Let’s all be EXTRA VIGILANT once the impeachment trial starts, boys and girls! 

Let’s listen to EVERY WORD Escudero will say, and watch EVERY MOVE he’ll make, to find out for ourselves if he and Pnoy really didn’t talk about the Corona impeachment.

One thing I’ll tell you, Escudero’s admission shows the height of HYPOCRISY and ARROGANCE of Pnoy.

Just days ago, Pnoy ordered his men and political allies to stay away from the senator-judges purportedly to show that Malacanang isn’t influencing the outcome of the trial.

Then, he SHAMELESSLY does the CONTRARY!  As if saying, ‘Even if I had disallowed it, I CAN DO ANYTHING, I’M THE BOSS!’

I wonder if Pnoy has heard of the phrase leadership by example. 30

From our readers:


Nice blogs. It’s a good decision  on the part of Pnoy to jam cellular phone signal in Metro Manila.

NELLY BRISSON of South Berwick, Maine, USA
We can’t control yon, Boyet. Pray that all is well.

Sir Boyet, ang sinusuportahan ay yung nagsasabi ng katotohanan at maganda ang pananaw sa kapaligiran! Saludo po ako sa inyo! Kahit anong pananakot ang gawin ng Penoy Administrasiyon, wala pong maniniwala.Iba-iba ang mga sinasabi ng mga kapulisan, ng Dept. of National Defense at NBI. Ano ba kayo? Wala bang naging meeting muna, para pare-pareho ang mga pagsisinungaling ninyo?

What's the clear phenomenon is the sea of human devotees of unconquerable, unfathomable faith - can't be more disquieting than speculation or suspicion. Let the signs and wonders revealed in the scriptures intrigue our minds.

It’s more terrifying now in the Philippines!

I think Panot is testing the waters para sa plan B niya in case ma-acquit si Corona.