Monday, January 9, 2012


Here’s one crucial issue that Malacanang should discuss instead of  POLLUTING our minds and ears with their desperate attempt to win public sympathy for their desire to oust Chief Justice Renato Corona regardless of the outcome of his impeachment trial.

Another example of the Aquino Administration’s hypocrisy towards the people, especially the poor.

Oil companies remain totally UNTOUCHABLE with their INSATIABLE GREED.

They continue to enjoy the ULTIMATE, SHAMELESS PLEASURE of raising prices whenever they want to, or for every excuse they can think of. Like the latest increases over tensions in the Middle East and the POSSIBILITY, take note just a possibility and no actual problem yet, of decreased supplies.

But Pnoy couldn’t care less. Think about these, people:

Never has Pnoy been heard of even considering a review of the Oil Deregulation Law to stop the boundless and capricious increase of oil prices whenever the oil firms feel like it.

Related to this, Pnoy has never ordered or initiated an HONEST-TO-GOODNESS audit of the books of the oil firms so that the people may know their TRUE EARNINGS and if it is justified or not.

Even if every increase is an added burden to us ordinary people, especially drivers of public utility vehicles like jeepneys and taxi cabs who shoulder the fuel costs of the units assigned to them by their operators.

Once in a blue moon, a press release comes out quoting Department of Energy officials as questioning oil price increases. But NOTHING, as in nothing, happens after that.

Have you heard of any oil company which has been punished for sudden price increases?  I have not. Anybody can correct me if I’m wrong.

There is no known massive and sustained program for the development of alternative energy and its possible sources.

There has been no known program to invite other oil firms from other parts of the world to add to the number of producers and suppliers, and help bring down or stabilize prices through increased supply. The cartel of Petron Filipinas Shell, Caltex and the smaller players like Seaoil and Unioil, are as untouchable as ever.

Bottom line: As far as Pnoy and his government is concerned, the oil companies MUST NOT BE TOUCHED and their profits must not be decreased even by a centavo.

They don’t give a damn if the oil firms bleed our pockets dry of whatever is left of our meager earnings, and drive us deeper into poverty.  For this government, it’s the PEOPLE WHO MUST SACRIFICE, not the oil companies.

And Pnoy and his gang is supposed to be pro-poor, pro-people. So this is pro-poor governance, Pnoy style.

WAKE UP, GUYS! Especially Pnoy fanatics.! 30

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