Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The prosecution in the Corona impeachment trial should stop acting like SPOILED BRATS following the refusal of presiding Senator-Judge Juan  Ponce Enrile to allow a Philippine Airlines (PAL) official to testify for them.

They should even be THANKFUL to Enrile.

Enrile did not totally throw out the witness. He was even kind enough to TEACH them to amend the articles of impeachment first if they want the testimony of the PAL official.

So what’s the big problem?  

They can still have what they want. The only thing is WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT, THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES!

If the prosecution doesn’t know what to do, or is simply TOO LAZY to move, that’s their problem. But the fact remains that they are NOT EXEMPTED from the rules because they’re the prosecution.

It’s the rules, and the law, which the Senate Impeachment Court will follow, NOT THEM or their whims and wishes. The prosecution, and their supporters, must realize this ONCE AND FOR ALL!

If the prosecution will cite time constraints in amending the articles of impeachment, the last thing I heard about them is they now number more than 50.

So more than 50 brains ARE NOT COMPETENT ENOUGH to come out with amendments as soon as possible, is that it?

If the articles of impeachment were poorly or terribly written, it’s the prosecution’s fault, not the defense or Enrile’s. It’s their responsibility to amend it.

They should not force the Senate Impeachment Court to adjust to it.

If the prosecution has LITTLE or no respect at all of the rules, then they SHOULD NOT have transmitted the articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial.

And if only for this, the prosecution should do away with their ARROGANCE by blaming the defense or technicalities again for the delay in the trial.

Whether they like it or not, they CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING THEIR WAY! They’re not PERFECT. They should stick that to their heads.

For those of you who missed it, the PAL official was to testify on supposed privileges of Corona and his wife from the airline company in support of Article 3 of the impeachment complaint.

But Enrile refused to allow the testimony, since it will be an expansion of the coverage of Article 3 “without the proper charges.”

Lead prosecutor Rep. Niel Tupas Jr, insisted on having the PAL official on the witness stand and argued with Enrile.

Like a spoiled brat in grade school, Tupas only stopped when threatened with the severe punishment of returning the articles of impeachment to the House of Representatives for amendments. 30

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