Sunday, May 27, 2012


I’m not a lawyer but I will dare say that if Chief Justice Renato Corona will be convicted, it will be the death of truth and due process and the triumph of LIES and dictatorship/authoritarianism.

Senator-Judge and acknowledged Constitution expert Miriam Defensor-Santiago said Corona’s non-declaration of his peso and dollar accounts in his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) is NOT AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE.

Take, note, guys, that NONE OF THE SENATOR-JUDGES disputed that in and out of the trial.

The law on SALN, which the prosecution and their allies say provides that Corona should have declared his peso and dollar accounts, is a general law. The Foreign Currency Deposit Act, on which Corona says does not require him to declare his dollar savings, is a special law.

Under the rule on statutory construction, Santiago said a “special law prevails over a general law.”

THERE HAS BEEN NO Supreme Court decision on which of the two laws should prevail. Therefore, there is NO LEGAL JUSTIFICATION to use the SALN law as basis for convicting Corona.

And the conviction will be a VIOLATION of the rule on statutory construction.

But the prosecution, and Malacanang, blatantly disregard these facts and INSIST that the SALN law should prevail and that Corona is guilty.

If the prosecution and Malacanang get away with this, then all they’ll have to do is cite WHATEVER LAW THEY WANT as ground for removing ANYBODY they don’t like from office.

Or come up with a sheet or two of paper, call it an official report by a government agency and then use it to DESTROY the REPUITATION off ANYONE they hate.

That ANYBODY, that ANYONE, can be YOU, ME, your family, siblings, friends or relatives, anyone as in KAHIT SINO.

Corona said his peso accounts consisted mainly of co-mingled funds or monies of his children and proceeds of the sale of the Basa Guidote Enterprises Inc. property to the city government of Manila (which he said is intact).

He signed and submitted an unconditional waiver for anyone to VERIFY THE DETAILS of his peso and dollar accounts. But the prosecution did not do so. 

Neither did any of the senator-judges who are obviously supportive of the prosecution move for a subpoena for the managers of the banks keeping Corona’s monies.

Instead, the prosecution SHAMELESSLY CONTINUES to come out in media with supposed details of Corona’s alleged 82 dollar accounts from a report by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) produced by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales.

A report which Morales ADMITTED AS UNSIGNED AND UNVERIFIED, and remains as such to this day.

Meaning, it’s ONLY THE PROSECUTION who says the contents of the supposed AMLC report are true. An AMLC member was once quoted in media as saying that the report was authentic.

But he DID NOT GIVE ANY EXPLANATION for the supposed authenticity.

These are the REALITIES the prosecution, Malacananag and their lapdogs are desperately BLOCKING at all costs in media.

They are drowning us with all sorts of stories in from anybody who says Corona’ is guilty.
So for once, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to appeal to all of you to share this piece and join me in enlightening our countrymen on the TRUTH!

May God have mercy on our country!
(Please accept my apologies for not coming out yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well). 30

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