Friday, April 6, 2012


Even before their self-proclaimed Holy Week ceasefire, the prosecution has practically run out of issues against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Their allies in the yellow media, like ABS-CBN, and in the Internet like blogger Raissa Robles, are in the same situation.

So EXPECT all kinds of publicity gimmicks from the prosecution and their supporters, including the Black and White Movement of Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda and Leah Navarro, starting next week.

Here are some possible dirty tricks:

New witnesses with all sorts of stories, NOT REALLY RELATED to the articles of impeachment, DEMONIZING Corona.

These witnesses may include disgruntled relatives or dismissed employees, if any, of the Supreme Court or of agencies and companies once headed by the Chief Justice or his wife.

Renewed or intensified moves to cast serious doubt on the financial capability of Corona and his wife and kids, individually or collectively, like investigations by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Additional calls or demands from other congressmen or supposed non-government organizations which no one has ever heard of for Corona to disclose his dollar accounts and explain his finances, even if the Senate Impeachment Court is still on recess.    

New supposed surveys by SWS or Pulse Asia, or by other groups like students, reiterating supposed public belief that Corona is guilty.

All kinds of postings on the Internet accusing Corona or any other member of his family with all sorts of unlawful or cruel acts, even long before he became Chief Justice.

If any of these start appearing in media again, people:

Take a close look if the side of Corona was included in the story and if it was given EQUAL PROMINENCE and LENGTH.

For example, if the accusation is five paragraphs long, Corona’s side should also be five paragraphs long.. If the accusation started on the front page of a newspaper, Corona’s side should also start on the front page and not on the last two or three paragraphs of the story.

Corona’s side should come out on THE SAME DAY as the story, not the following day.

If these standards are not met, ladies and gentlemen, then that story is just ANOTHER BIASED, MALICIOUS and DESPERATE MIND-CONDITIONING effort of the prosecution or their bosses.

If anyone will ask what’s my professional right to point out these standards, I’m a former senior editor of one of the leading tabloids in the country.

Don’t forget to EVALUATE or ANALYZE whatever proof will be narrated by the accuser. Consider very seriously if it’s logical, factual or realistic.

Be sure to look for PHYSICAL PROOF by the accuser.

If the accusation is nothing more than the words of the accuser, and the accuser will not be identified in the story, then don’t waste your time on another lie.

And send a message to the media firm who will come out with the story to either present indisputable proof or shut up, and STOP BRAINWASHING THE PEOPLE! 30

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