Friday, April 27, 2012


Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is against the move of the defense to call her as a hostile witness in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Kung makaporma ito at makapagsalita siya, akala mo saksakan ng tapang. Yun pala, DUWAG DIN!

De Lima had REPEATEDLY and DIRECTLY ATTACKED Corona in the past. She dared defy the Supreme Court on its temporary restraining order allowing former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to travel late last year.

She had also aired threats of impeaching other SC justices perceived to be loyal to Corona.

But now that Corona’s lawyers want her back at the impeachment trial, she’s already objecting even if the Senate Impeachment Court has NOT YET ruled on the defense plan.

De Lima must be AWARE of, if not behind, something terribly NASTY or UNLAWFUL in relation to the impeachment trial that might be squeezed out of her by Corona’s lawyers.

Remember guys, under questioning by lead defense counsel and retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Serafin Cuevas, De Lima was forced to admit that her first testimony in the impeachment trial was HEARSAY!

If De Lima is not into anything ILLEGAL in relation to the impeachment trial, there’s no reason for her to avoid testifying for the defense, even as a hostile witness.

If she’s 100 percent convinced of Corona’s guilt as what she been consistently professing, the more she’ll grab the opportunity to testify for the defense.

It would be a golden chance for her to nail Corona to the wall with whatever evidence she thinks she has.

Her refusal to do so this early can only be interpreted as an admission that she has a WEAK CASE against Corona. Should she move Heaven and Earth to keep her from testifying for the defense, it would just be like telling the prosecution she’ll do them more harm than good.

Only an IDIOT would continue trusting De Lima!

From our friends:


RICKY MONFORT of Bacolod City
Even if the government will pay the Cojuangco clan P200 million, that will come in installments for so many years and not in one payment alone. They will come in bonds and that is the way land is paid here in Negros. The owners of Hda. Luisita must also wait for payment like the rest of the country who suffered from this law. No one got paid at once or one-time payment only. Everybody had to wait for years to get fully paid and I hope that the clan of the president will also experience the same method of payment.

Until these idiots are put in their proper places (in jail), they are not going to stop barking for their retarded and ugly masters. Are they aware that they are being made slaves for them (Cojuangco-Aquino-Lopez-& cronies)? is the money.

“That means the LAW SHOULD BE WHAT THEY WANT, not what it is." ... Boyet, you’re right.

Boyet, relax lang bro - these underlings are just trying to earn brownie points with their boss PeNoy - they dont count .. Keep your eyes on the prize - CJ Impeachment. Right now, they may have the numbers to convict. (See my earlier comments - they may have 13 or more senators in their camp with the defection of Escudero and Villar to LP).  All it will take is one slip up from the Defense; April 30 is D-DAY - if Corona 's SALN for 2012 contains significant corrections, then tapos na ang boxing.

BIEN BALAJDIA of Marikina City
This is exactly why Panot wanted DAR to be under the DOJ, along with all land- related agencies. Controlado niya lahat ng magiging outcome. But since this is a Supreme Court decision, they can't do squat. This is just a mind-conditioning propaganda to make people believe that it is how the process works. Tanga lang maniniwala sa Ligon na yan!

ED PUNZAL of Tagig
I beg to disagree with the statement. There is no one disrespecting the Supreme Court. Their decision affirming the total distribution of the Hacienda Luisita is well received by the people, especially the farmer-beneficiaries and, even the Palace. I am just curious and would llike to ask, is this site a sort of a propaganda vehicle? For whom? And against for?

That’s good. They deserve it!

RODEL RAMIL of Kowloon City , Hong Kong
Dapat bigyan yan ng leksyo. Pinasasama ang imahe ng hudikatura, at hindi na inisip kung ano ang effect ng kadaldalan niya laban sa Korte Suprema

Boyet Antonio, bukod sa pagiging mga ipokrito, ang gobyernong ito pinatatakbo ng mga walang alam, estupido at mga bastos na walang modo.

DOON IDOS of Paranaque
Now it shows the real reason behind the impeachment trial. 30

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