Thursday, July 19, 2012


The warning by Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAP) president Rustico Jimenez that they’re group will no longer accept PhilHealth cards unless the agency settles its debt to their members raises THREE DANGER SIGNS.

Regardless of whether the debt is P2 billion as claimed by Jimenez or just P300 million as alleged by Health Secretary and PhilHealth Chair Enrique Ona.

First, tens or probably hundreds of thousands of poor PhilHealth members will be in danger of losing adequate health care. If that happens, and the number of the sick increases, who should be blamed?  

Believe me, guys, NOBODY in government will assume any responsibility if that happens.

More importantly, does PhilHealth have a back-up plan under this scenario? Are there IMMEDIATE MEASURES ready in case private hospitals start turning away PhilHealth card holders because of the agency’s debt?

Second, PhilHealth has to EXPLAIN why its debt to hospitals reached that high.  PhilHealth officials point to faulty or questionable claims as the culprit. I find this rather thin because for sure, hospitals know by now, and by heart, what can and what can’t be claimed form PhilHealth.

If Ona will say that Jimenez is lying or mistaken, then he had better present proof in public. Para magkaalaman na agad kung sino ang mali or SINUNGALING! If Ona can’t or won’t show proof, time to start looking for P300 million or P2 billion, people.

Third, PhilHealth officials said the agency has more than P100 billion in reserve funds.

Where is this? Where is the documentary proof that the money is intact and not being STOLEN? What exactly is it for and what are the safeguards against plunder by corrupt PhilHealth personnel?

If PhilHealth FAILS to SATISFACTORILY clarify even one of any of these issues with documentary evidence, we’re looking at aprobably the mother of all scams at PhilHealth.

From our friends:


JULITOI MACAPAGAL of Citibank, Singapore
Sir Boyet Antonio, you are against constitutional reforms? I have been reading your blogs and have agreed to most of your opinions until this one. Belmonte and Enrile are among the most opportunist politicians but their initiative in amending the Constitution, especially the restrictive economic ones is what we need at this time. The 1987 Constitution of Cory was designed for the oligarchs. If amending the Constitution extends to change in form of government from presidential to parliamentary, what’s the problem with that? It’s much easier to oust the Prime Minister by a ‘no confidence’ vote, rather than wait to finish the term of a president.

VIOLY MORATO of San Mateo, Rizal
Siyempre, sa ngayon, konting pakipot muna siya para di obvious…pero watch out! Magugulat na lang tayo…101 percent Pnoy will support Chacha.

BIEN BALAJADIA of Marikina City
It's a smokescreen, nothing more. They're feeling the pressure for the removal of the 40 percent limitation on foreign ownership to create more jobs locally and improve services through competition. BUT...I doubt they'll even touch that. They'll lose their oligarch support and the campaign money the oligarchs bring.

Yellow gimmickry ...fooling the people all the time! Finish the 2013 Elections first, then let’s talk of a constitutional convention (not Constituent Assembly)! Why? Because a constitutional convention will comprise of constitutionalists elected by the people ... not yellow appointees as in the case of a Constituent Assembly!

ISABEL JUICO of Jacksonville, Florida, USA
We do need charter change... look at our military. But my fear is that will the  money go to our military, or will it be again to finance the NPA/MILF? 

No to Charter change....not now.

DANILO BONIFACIO of North Vancouver, British Columbia
Politics na naman, Lilibangin na naman ang taongbayan, wala naman pupuntahan yan. Marami na tayong batas, Dapat ipatupad na lang at hindi natin alam kung anong hidden agenda nila

Yuko Kasuya said the one-term limit is particularly harmful to our political system. One reason why some countries progress faster is that their competent leaders are able to stay long enough to implement reforms. Here, kasi, when the next leader takes over, they tend to undo whatever the previous leader had done, Filipinos are so KSP, they tend to be vindictive.

If you support Charter change, then make it a priority of the next Congress.

DON MARCOS of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Looks like what we need is change all these useless and Incompetent politicians serving themselves.

Boyet Antonio, in order for constitutional reform to avoid unnecessarily extending the term of UNDESERVING INCOMPETENTS, then you must support the shift to the parliamentary system. With the parliamentary system, ONLY those who are good (or are the best in a crop of alternatives) stay on as long as they deliver, but those who consistently end up with failure easily get booted out.

Kelan pa ba tayo magbabago ? Kung ganyan parati ang sasabihin natin --gusto nila ipasa yan para maextend lang term ng government officials, di na nga maipapasa yan kahit sino pa ang nakaupo diyan.

Yung mga representative po ba, nagrerepresent ng mga constituent nila o ng party nila? 

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