Thursday, June 21, 2012


The continued speculations by government officials on the disappearance of Jordanian journalist Baker Abdulla Atyani and his two Filipino companions show how STUPID and INCOMPETENT is the Pnoy administration in handling a major crisis.

First and foremost: There have been repeated pronouncements that Atyani is being suspected of being a contact or courier of funds of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

But the only grounds for this suspicion are Atyani had once interviewed the late Al Qaida chief Osama Bin Laden and had refused security escorts offered by government officials before he and his companions went to their assignment.

Nainterview lang si Bin Laden, posibleng terorista na rin. Kung ganito ang katwiran ng Pnoy government, dapat din nilang imbestigahan ang LAHAT ng mga taga-media na may nainterview nang mga terorista.

If Pnoy’s boys won’t do that, then in fairness to Atyani they have NO MORAL RIGHT to prejudge the guy.

On Atyani’s reported refusal to have security escorts, he probably thought he won’t get the information he wants from the people he wanted to interview id there would be other people around.

It would be FOOLISH to think that any terrorist or outlaw would openly and casually talk to any media person if there would be strangers around.

I’m not saying that Atyani is 100 percent clean. What I’m driving at is the danger (s) that the government’s IRRESPONSIBLE statements on Atyani might bring.

Not only to him and his companions but to our countrymen working or living in Jordan.

First: The government says there are no search operations for Atyani and his companions.

So if, God forbid, Atyani or his companions get killed or wounded in a shootout between members of the ASG and soldiers, who will be held responsible? Who should take the blame?

Second: There is no INDISPUTABLE PROOF up to now that Atyani is indeed a contact of the ASG. But the government has publicly declared that theory several times.

Atyani’s family, relatives and countrymen surely despise this baseless pronouncement.

If angry Jordanians retaliate on our countrymen there with anything they can think of, again who should be held responsible? Who must take the blame and fix whatever problem may arise?

And most of all, the government says it has CONFIRMED that Atyani’s group is with the ASG. Meaning, they have an idea where they are. But NO OPERATION is underway to find them, and CAPTURE the ASG members with them.

This despite the fact  that the ENTIRE ASG is still wanted by the law.  As to why this is so, your guess is as good as mine, people.

To Pnoy’s boys: Put up or shut up!  30.

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