Friday, February 3, 2012


Pnoy’s mere admonition of Presidential Political Affairs Adviser Ronald Llamas for buying PIRATED or ILLEGAL DVDs is a SALUTE to two sectors and an EARTH-SHAKING SLAP on both cheeks to five  other groups.

Pnoy saluted video pirates and their outlets or vendors for having their UNLAWFUL product. More insultingly, Pnoy has just bestowed on them the HONOR of having nothing less than a presidential adviser for a customer.

The slap goes to movie stars and other celebrities, movie and TV producers,manufacturers of legitimate DVDs and their outlets,  and most of all, the officers and men of the Optical Media Board (OMB) WHO RISK LIFE AND LIMB in every raid they conduct on video pirates and sellers.

In letting Llamas get away with his SUPPORT of video pirates, Pnoy literally IGNORED the efforts of the OMB in implementing the law on video piracy.

To those who will say that the Llamas issue is an isolated incident, think about these, first:

Llamas ADMITTED BUYING pirated DVDs, even if he’s a presidential adviser who’s supposed to be a role model for righteousness and in the fight against illegality.

But he was NOT PUNISHED for it.

The stall and the mall where Llamas was photographed in the act of buying pirated DVDs were IDENTIFIED in newspaper reports. But neither one was penalized for having the illegal item.

In fairness to the OMB, they’re all out against video pirates. But if the Llamas case is to be followed, the OMB will now have to inquire first if the target of their next raid has Llamas or any other Pnoy aide among its customers.

For movie and TV producers, Pnoy ignored the TIME, EFFORT AND MONEY they spend in safeguarding their films or shows against video pirates.

Worse, Pnoy doesn’t seem to give a damn on the losses they will incur from video piracy.

Related to this, Pnoy has helped destabilize the jobs of TV and movie stars.

Simply because since video pirates got away with the Llamas case,  producers will think a lot longer and deeper before investing tens, if not hundreds, of millions of  pesos again for a new movie or show.

Common sense might tell them it’s cheaper to buy canned films or shows.

For manufacturers of legitimate DVDs, Pnoy ignored the HARD WORK and the capital they spend in coming out with optically-safe and high-quality DVDs.

For their distributors, no less than Pnoy himself has REINVIGORATED the top threat to their businesses. Nothing could be more encouraging to video pirates than the Llamas caper.  

From now on, all that video pirates have to do whenever they’ll be arrested or their merchandise seized is claim that these are reserved for Llamas or some other Malacanang official.

These are the realities, people. The Llamas caper is NOT AS SIMPLE as you think it is. 30

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